Mario Skypop Scramble

Mario Skypop Scramble 1.0

Super Mario Skypop Scramble is an arcade game about shooting and ranking high
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Super Mario Skypop Scramble is a simple arcade game in which you'll get a small plane to fly, just dodge the obstacles and shoot down the enemies to get through all levels and rank as high as possible with a great score.

When the startup screen is shown simply press the "Z" key to begin. You'll be able to choose between four characters to play Mario Bros, Luigi, MegaMan, or Tails. When the game starts you'll see your chosen character flying its plane, your mission is to avoid getting hit by the Goombas and Koopa Troopas by shooting them with your onboard missiles using the space bar.

As in any other game, the more enemies you take down the higher your score will be - but there's a downside since once your score reaches certain point you'll see new enemies that move much faster and will be a lot harder to take down. Every hit will decrease your health until you're dead - But relax! On your way there will be red mushrooms to help you increase your health and get back to the fight.

Once you reach 300 points King Bowser will appear and things will get messy. He shoots fire balls very rapidly, to strike back you have to shoot fast and avoid getting hit by his fire until he's gone. Green mushrooms will appear during your battles to get another life, which is highly useful since you start only with three lives.

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  • Great to kill time
  • It's free
  • Nice music from Megaman and Super Mario


  • Boring after a while
  • Needs more action
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